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About Humidifiers & Humidifier Pads

In order to keep your humidifier system functioning properly, your evaporator pad should be replaced every year. A properly functioning humidifier will help to restore your home's humidity to a comfortable range, between 30 and 50 percent, during the winter months and help lower your energy costs.

How Does it Work?

A humidifier sense air’s moisture via the humidistat. When the humidistat has detected low moisture, warm air from your home is pushed through the pre-moistened humidifier pad where water particles are gathered and then distributed throughout your home. The humidifier pad is kept moist via an automatic water valve, which is connected to either a refillable water reservoir or a water line.

Your humidifier likely also contains a damper (sometimes marked "winter" & "summer"), which can be closed to keep air from passing over the humidifier pad when your heater is on. Some humidifiers contain a separate fan in order to keep humidity up even when your furnace is off.

Replacing the Pad

Humidifier pads gather buildup and need to be replaced every one to three years in order for you to get the most out of your system.

To change your humidifier pad, begin by turning off the humidistat and closing the damper. Remove the front cover of your humidifier unit, disconnect the water line, and pull on the tabs to snap the pad in its frame straight up and out.

At the top of the frame, you'll find the distributer tray through which the water travels. Depending on your humidifier’s model, you may find additional tabs on the frame that will allow you to remove the pad itself. Before you remove the pad, pay attention to the colored dot on it. The dot should face upward, toward the distributer tray.

Slide the old pad out, insert a new pad, replace the distributer tray and insert the frame back into the housing. Finally, reconnect the waterline.

We carry a wide variety of OEM humidifier pads for large brand names as well as whole house humidifiers at low prices. Find your product online or contact us directly if you have any questions.

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