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The first electrostatic or Electronic Air Cleaner was developed by Westinghouse in 1935. The “Precipitron”, came out of "a successful failure" in research, and a hopeful house-cleaning experiment in Pittsburgh. By the 1940s, the Precipitron was used in homes, offices, hospitals and factories, literally electrocuting dust and dirt out of the atmosphere. Westinghouse eventually left this industry and Electronic Air Cleaners continued to evolve over the years.
Electro-Air of Canada introduced its first Electronic Air Cleaner nearly 50 years ago and our history of performance and reliability have made us the #1 manufacturer for many of the world’s largest heating and air conditioning OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers).
Electronic Air Cleaners to this day are still the tried and true method of cleaning the air and offer benefits over other air purification technologies. Their operating costs are lower, using less energy than a 40 watt light bulb. They operate with a very low static “pressure drop” otherwise known as airflow resistance, which helps reduce unit and system operating costs. And they are “Earth Friendly” as the filters can be washed and re-used over and over again, for many years.
A study by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation testing a variety of forced-air furnace filters found that Electronic Air Cleaners provided the best, and most cost-effective means of cleaning the air using a forced-air system. In other words, Electronic Air Cleaners are able to produce the most amount of clean air, at a lower cost than other air cleaning methods.

Powerful 4-Stage Filtration System
4-Stage-Filtration-DiagramElectronic Air Cleaners work on the principle of Electrostatic Precipitation. Millions of airborne pollutants are carried through the return air ducts of the heating/cooling system in your home and are treated through four stages of filtration.
Washable Permanent Prefilters (2) capture large particles of dirt, lint and hair. Simply wash clean with DAX Air Cleaner Detergent.
Lifetime, Environmentally-Friendly, Two-Stage Electronic Filters (2) first give a powerful positive electrical charge to incoming dirt particles by the ionizing wires. Charged particles then move into the collecting area where they are attracted to a series of grounded plates. Pollutants are held in this section like a magnet until washed away during cleaning with DAX Detergent. Removes airborne contaminants such as dust, mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, tobacco smoke particles, cooking smoke and grease and more down to 0.01 micron (1/2,540,000 of an inch). At that size, it would take 100,000 particles to cover the head of a pin. Such particles are 500 times smaller than the smallest grains of dust trapped by conventional furnace filters. With over 8000 volts, bacteria, viruses, mold and pollen either die or become completely neutralized. No contaminants can possibly live or grow on these collecting plates.
Activated Carbon Odor & Gas VOC Filters (3) help remove Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from sources like carpets, cabinets, glues, household cleaners, paints, varnishes, solvents, personal care products, tobacco and cooking smoke, and more.

Other Features Include:
Four models available for air flows ranging from 1200 to 2000 CFM.
MERV 16 Efficiency (Minimum Efficiency Reported Value).
Dual Indicator Lights show unit operation at a glance.
Electronic Air Proving Switch cycles Air Cleaner On/Off with system fan.
Quiet operation.
User-friendly.Easy to maintain.

Options Available:
Plug-in Power Cord for easy electrical connection.
220-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz for international use.
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Dax Cleaner Gallon Bottle DAX 32 oz. Spray Bottle Electro Air D1-053D Air Cleaner Transformer
DAX Cleaner Gallon Bottle
Our Price: $50.00
DAX 32 oz. Spray Bottle
Our Price: $25.00


Dax Cleaner cleans electronic air cleaner cells, pre-filters, air conditioners, etc.
Directions for use:

1) Rinse the collecting cells and prefilters with hot water (maximum 120°F, 49°C). Hold spray applicator approximately 5” away from collecting cells and prefilters and spray thoroughly from all sides.

2) Let stand for 5 minutes. Rinse well with hot water. If dirt remains, soak collecting cell in a solution of Dax Cleaner and hot water for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

3) Tip air cleaner collecting cell on a 45° angle and allow cell to dry completely. If arcing occurs when cell is placed back in unit, turn air cleaner off, remove cell and allow more drying time.

DAX 32oz Spray Bottle
24V OEM Replacement Part for Air Cleaner
R8-1000-4 Maintenance Kit

Kit includes 1-32oz spray bottle of Dax Cleaner and 4 sets of 3 Carbon Filters, 20" x 5"